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At Ecomhorizon, we work to boost up your performance by performing complete account audit which leads to success by every mean. With the account audit, we analyze the weak points and strategize the listings to make sure you rank good on the amazon. We provide the information that what is the ranking of their product on search engine results. We also give the clients ways by which they can gather a targeted audience towards themselves. Our vigilant team undergoes an audit that gives you your performance and marks the mistakes you did so that you can improve some areas of your business expertise.

Several companies are doing their job online but not all brands are successful. Not all of them get desirable results. This is because not everyone knows how to showcase and boosts their product visibility. When your buyers can’t find you online they can’t buy your products and you cannot increase your worth. Our professional team at Ecomhorizon provides new clients with all the audit management services. We make sure that you get all that can be gained from your Amazon account. Our experienced team knows what sort of general and intricate problems one can face while starting an Amazon account.

How we help

We go through the Amazon annual report and design a complete audit of your account. We tell you exactly where you lost track. We not only pinpoint the mistakes but also provide you with all the valuable ideas that can help you deal with your problem. You can only grow in your business if you accept your mistakes and always try to improve yourself.  We will provide you with a strategy that will help you deal with the problem you have faced. We analyze your account on every platform and perform a SWOT analysis. This can give your an idea about your shortcomings, the mistakes you have done and other weaknesses you have.

If you want to be known amongst your opponents you have got to improve yourself on every basis, and we can help you do that with full perfection. Ecomhorizon provides their clients a clear idea that how they can increase their sales as compared to their competitors. We compare the business strategies of your successful competitors so that you can see where you are doing the mistake. 

We evaluate every prospect of your account to look for the cons that have caused you loss of profit and can help you increase your worth in no time.


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